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Annual Service Requirement

North Branch Hockey Association is an all volunteer run organization. In order for our association to continue to provide the opportunity for our children to play hockey in our community, we need each returning family in our association to volunteer their time. Families can sign up for various volunteer opportunities on our web site through the DIB’s process. The service timeline runs April 1 - March 31.   Any returning family that has not fulfilled their service requirements of at least 4 credits by April 1 will be charged a $50 per credit late fee at the end of the season.

Below is an example of events that will fulfill the service requirement. These events are important as they are raising funds to keep the cost of hockey as affordable as possible, raising funds for the Stacy Sports Complex and recruiting and retaining skaters.  These events will be posted in Dibs at where you will be able to sign up for an event, request credit for volunteering after an event is complete, and check the number of credits completed.  Detailed information on each volunteer opportunity including contact information for the person in charge of an event is posted in Dibs. As new events arise throughout the year, they will be posted in email blasts and on the website.


·         Spring Adopt-A-Highway:                                                

·         Fall Adopt-A-Highway:                                                     

·         Midsummer Day Parade:                                                  

·         Stacy Daze Booth:                                                               

·         Stacy Daze Parade:                                                            

·         Almelund Threshing Show Booth:                                  

·         Mite Information Nights:                                                     

·         Fall Harvest Festival Booth:                                               

·         Fall Learn to Skate:                                                             

·         Winter Learn to Skate:                                                        

·         Registration Nights:                                                            

·         District Tournament:                                                           

·         Golf Tournament Fundraiser:                                           

·         Power Play Fundraiser:                                                     

·         North Branch Kids Carnival:                                             

·         Stacy Sports Complex Project – Planning, Construction, Cleanup 

·         Brat Stand                                                                         

·         Girl Scout Skating Party                                                    

·         Fundraising Pickup/Turn In                                          

·         Traveling Team Evaluations                                             

·         Other Association Fundraisers                     

·         Other Association Publicity Booths


Other opportunities to complete the requirement are also available, including being a board member, filling one of our manager/coordinator positions that reports to a board member, coach, team manager and committee work.  Any credits earned for fulfilling the duties below will be given to members in Dibs by the volunteer coordinator upon notice from the board member in charge of the position below that a member if fulfilling the duty.


Board Member:                        Service credits will be fulfilled by serving on the board. Board members are expected to participate in certain functions and will be needed at other events listed above if all spots are not filled by other members.


Manager/Coordinator:            Includes the S.K.A.T.E Coordinator, Equipment Manager, Building & Maintenance Manager, Service Manager, Web Manager, Girls Coordinator. Service credits will be fulfilled by serving in one of these positions. 


Coaches:                                    Service credits will be fulfilled by being a coach.  Coaches are still expected and needed to help on ice at Learn to Skates, Girl Scout Skating Party and at Evaluations.


Team Managers:                      Will receive 1 service credits for being a team manager. 


Committee Member:               Members who actively serve on a committee such as Coaching, Fundraising, Registration, Evaluation and Mite Committees will fulfill their service credits.  Often these committee members will also be working shifts at the event they are planning.


Contact the Service Manager, with questions.



North Branch Area Hockey Association is now using the DIBS system to schedule and manage our volunteer opportunities.   

To get started viewing and signing up for shift/tasks, please do the following:

Click on Dibs and you should see a Dibs session for the current season.  Click on that session to begin viewing all available volunteer opportunities. 

Service Manager